June 2021

Fear of Failure (..and why it’s ruining your life).

People always fall into the trap of believing that the cost of failing is greater than the learning opportunity it presents. Conclusion: Sit around avoiding challenges for the next 30 years. Well, maybe not so bad. I mean no one got hurt, right? But what about that job you didn’t apply for?… Or that person you never asked out?… Or that chance you never took?

5 Tips for Burnout which ACTUALLY work

Self care. I know, I know. You’re sick to the back teeth of being told to relax or take some time for yourself. It all sounds a bit rich, doesn’t it? As if you hadn’t thought of that. You’re already working silly hours, holding the house together, keeping on top of the laundry, trying to eat 5 vegetables a day, keeping the kids alive – oh, and time for your partner as well. Good luck trying to find time for a mindful bath!

Coming out of lockdown (and what to do if you\’re an introvert…)

So, how to know if you’re an introvert? Well, you’ll probably enjoy things like a weekend to yourself, last minute cancelled plans, and sports that require just you (e.g. running). An extrovert may typically enjoy phoning friends of an evening, meeting new people, and team-based sports. As you can see, neither of these two personality types are better or worse than the other: they both have strengths and their place in society. Introverts just tend to be overly-stimulated by socialising more than extroverts, leaving them feeling drained and needing time alone to recharge. This is why some people stay out dancing until 04.00am with their friends, and others (guiltily) slink off back to bed as soon as its acceptable to do so (no judgement from me).

What even is burnout?

The truth is, if you’re reading this blog post, you already know what burnout is.

That lacklustre, reluctant feeling when you wake up in the morning? That dread of the day ahead? Your inability to really get any joy from anything anymore? That’s burnout. There’s many different ways burnout can affect you, but if you’re ever feeling hopeless, overly cynical or just generally “bleurgh”, rest assured, you’re not on your own.

Change & Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Of Perfectionism Starts with a Single Step

Here at Holland Pearse Psychotherapy, we are specialists in providing online cbt for health anxiety to suit a range of different mental health disorders including Depression, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome and Low Self-Esteem (to name a few). Friendly and non-judgemental, we help men just like you overcome their challenges and difficulties every single day with our CBT for self confidence.

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