August 2021

Workplace Burnout: Just the tip of the iceberg?

You know that classic image of an iceberg 90% submerged? I think of struggling to cope at work as being like that. Imagine if there was nothing else; only work. No chores, no bills, no family, no friends, no responsibilities. It would probably be very easy for you to cope indeed. But of course, this is not the reality of your situation.

Burnout: Don’t miss these 5 unmistakable signs

Step one: Check to see if you’re reading a blog about burning out. No? Don’t worry about it. Yes? Read on. This is for you.

Look – COVID still looms. The marathon of uncertainty continues. We’re all simply doing our best to get by. It is tiring! So, in honour of this I invite you to check in with yourself .

Change & Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Of Perfectionism Starts with a Single Step

Here at Holland Pearse Psychotherapy, we are specialists in providing online cbt for health anxiety to suit a range of different mental health disorders including Depression, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome and Low Self-Esteem (to name a few). Friendly and non-judgemental, we help men just like you overcome their challenges and difficulties every single day with our CBT for self confidence.

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