Highly recommend Tom. Professional, kind & empathetic. Thank you Tom for all you have done. I couldn’t imagine being empowered with the knowledge I have gained over these sessions when we started, it really does feel like I’ve come so far and I for that I am eternally grateful.
Over the summer of 2021, across 10 sessions, I worked with Tom Holland Pearce. Since 2018, I had been in regular talk therapy which I put on pause in early 2021. I contacted Tom after a break in therapy work because some of the old symptoms started to reappear - restlessness, disturbed sleep and nightmares, and a general rise in anxiousness related to the various responsibilities I have. And this after having spent the previous years unearthing childhood trauma and it’s causes, and being familiar with therapy speak. Tom is versed in the CBT approach and proposed we try the same in my case after a few sessions of getting to know me. Though this approach was quite new to me, his kind demeanor ensured I felt heard and seen as well.

As a result I was able to trust him and try something new. We didn’t work together long but I am taking away some new tools, and concepts with me, that reinforce the change I knew I needed to make, to feel better, more sustainably, without dependence. I feel confident and hopeful about the future, my power to influence that life I am after, while remaining true to myself. I recommend working with Tom and CBT Avon to anyone who is wanting to move from awareness to action, and is committed to personal behaviour change.

Tom is a highly skilled CBT therapist I had a pleasure to work with over the past few months. He is excellent at listening, and he has a calm and kind manner. His informal and friendly approach put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable opening up and sharing my anxiety with him. We had eight sessions together that provided me with tools and techniques to recognise and challenge unhelpful thoughts and helped to deal with my anxiety. I would highly recommend Tom and this therapy to anyone.
Tom has really helped me overcome my anxiety over the last couple of months. He works with a very informal approach which instantly made me feel comfortable and safe. I have learnt vital skills and overall feel much happier and confident that I know how to tackle any anxiety when it comes my way. I couldn't recommend Tom enough!
Tom has been brilliant. He gives clear explanations of theoretical concepts which have really helped me to 'look under the hood' and gain a better understanding of where some of my challenges arise from. He has helped me identify key areas to address and given me the tools to do so. He is a great listener and is nonjudgmental, which puts me at ease and allows me to open up. Thank you Tom!

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