Health Anxiety

What is Health Anxiety?

Expatiated by the recent coronavirus pandemic, health anxiety is a type of psychological disorder which is defined by the individual suffering from a constant fear that they are in poor health. Often with little, or no symptoms at all, the disorder is driven by irrational health fears. The causes of health anxiety is not the same from person to person: it can begin as a result of someone close to them getting seriously unwell, or could start with no obvious trigger connections at all.

Illnesses such as catching a common cold, or a 24-hour bug for those with health anxiety will manifest in their thought system to be a really bad disease or infection. Convincing themselves that their illness is really bad, they may sometimes seek out medical attention for minor problems with resulting paranoia after being consulted that the condition is nothing to worry about, believing no one is taking their symptoms seriously and brushing them off with unthorough investigation.

Times have been extremely tough for those suffering with health anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic. With the media constantly promoting the infection and death stats, alongside relatively common symptoms of sore throats and a fever, there were triggers everywhere they looked.

Health Anxiety is on a spectrum, and the severity of the condition can vary from individual to individual dramatically. From time to time in most people’s lives, they have worried about their health, but for those with a bad case of Health Anxiety, it can impact how they live their lives every day.

Online cbt for health anxiety

The first thing to point out if you or someone you know is suffering from health anxiety is that you are not alone. By visiting this website, you are one step closer to a brighter life, and on the road to recovery from health anxieties.

There has been much scientific proof in recent years to suggest that CBT works to manage symptoms of health anxieties.

Friendly and approachable, here at CBT Avon, we are trained and experienced CBT therapists who can help those suffering from Health Anxiety.

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Frequently asked Questions about health Anxiety Therapy with CBT Avon

+ How do I contact CBT Avon about my Health Anxiety?

It\’s simple to get in touch CBT Avon. Call 0117 456 2438 or email Always happy to hear from new people, do not hesitate to get in touch.

+ What are the main symptoms of Health Anxiety?

The main symptoms associated with Health Anxiety include:

  • Panic and worry that a mild illness is the start of something far more serious
  • Lack of belief in test results which prove you do not have a serious condition
  • Checking yourself for signs and symptoms of illness

+ Will CBT work for my Health Anxiety?

There have been numerous studies regarding CBT as a therapy for health anxiety which has demonstrated the effectiveness and shown a reduction in symptoms. As with all CBT though, there is a level of commitment and work which needs to be put in by the individual in order for it to work.

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