Lack of Confidence

Online CBT for Lack of Confidence


Whilst similar, lack of confidence and low self esteem have some subtle differences. These terms are often used interchangeably, but self-esteem is more a reflection on how worthy you feel yourself is, whereas confidence gives you ability to present yourself and perform.

Those suffering with a lack of confidence will therefore struggle with trusting their “performing” ability. This may impact just one specific area in life, or there might be a general lack of confidence in everything they do. The doubt in ability is often not backed up with any evidence that you cannot do something, and it is a totally distorted view which is ingrained within the psyche. Having a severe lack of confidence can have a really detrimental impact on the lives of those suffering, undermining your abilities and preventing you from performing.

Common symptoms associated with a lack of confidence include avoiding being the centre of attention or social situations, constantly questioning your ability to perform and worries about getting feedback from others about how you have done.

Online CBT for Lack of confidence

Therapy can be extremely useful in helping you discover the origin of your confidence issues. Through addressing your negative and self-defeating thoughts and feelings, these behaviours can be reshaped into positive ones which can help build confidence.

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