Low Self Esteem

What is Low Self-Esteem?

Having a low self-esteem is generally described as having a poor self-image. Whether this be an opinion on the way the physical body is perceived, the ability one thinks they have in social situations or their intelligence, there is a negative opinion associated with the self-worth of those suffering. This unfounded distorted view of themselves can be extremely detrimental to a person’s life.

There are many different causes of low self-esteem. Commonly coming from experiences growing up, the negative opinions from childhood may be deeply ingrained in the psyche and firmly believed. Examples include having parents who are unsupportive, poor performance in academic settings and being overly critiqued by significant people. These messages of not being good enough can stick, resulting in low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem can affect day-to-day behaviours. Perhaps hiding away from situations where one is meeting people, or not putting themselves forward for promotions at work even though capable or avoiding trying new things.

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Low Self Esteem

CBT is a type of “talking therapy” which recognises the relationship between behaviours, thoughts and feelings experienced by individuals. Online CBT for self worth will encourage sufferers to identify the ones which are negative and help guide them to question the errors in their judgement. The counselling will help those with low self-esteem re-write their thoughts and actions and manage the symptoms associated with the disorder.

Whether your low self-esteem is impacting how you function at work, your personal-life, or both, here at CBT Avon, we have the experience to help.

Priding ourselves on being friendly and non-judgement, CBT Avon would love to help.

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FAQs about CBT therapy for low self esteem

+ Do CBT Avon offer therapy for Low Self Esteem?

Yes, here at CBT Avon, we offer CBT Therapy for low self esteem for individuals all across the UK over zoom or on the telephone. We pride ourselves in offering therapy which is friendly and non-judgemental and would love to help those suffering with low self esteem live more fulfiling lives.

+ How do I start my online cbt for low self esteem

That\’s simple. Please contact CBT Avon by calling 0117 456 2438 or emailing tom@cbtavon.com. After an initial consultation, we will be able to determine next next steps including your potential treatment plan.

+ How long does each CBT session last?

Typically, our CBT sessions last 50 minutes.CBT For Self Worth

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