Perfectionism in the workplace

What is perfectionism?

Perfectionism is loosely defined as the requirement to be or appear to be perfect, even in situations where perfection is impossible to achieve. Perfectionists tend to believe only things which have been done perfectly are worth being proud of. Focused solely on the output at the end, they do not recognise their hard work and progress throughout and may become fixated on comparing their work to those around them.

Often wrongly attributed to be a wholly positive trait which increases performance, there is a big difference between striving to do your best and someone suffering from perfectionism, which can have a really negative impact on someone’s life. By setting their goal posts so high, feelings of anxiety and depression can manifest, and perfectionists may develop beliefs that they are inadequate or a failure.

Perfectionism in the workplace

Perfectionism is relatively common in the workplace. Upon receiving a new task, a perfectionist will typically take much longer than their peers to complete a task. They may struggle to begin the work and spend a significant amount of time procrastinating as they want to feel confident the project will be completed perfectly. In some instances, the fear of failure may prevent work ever being even started.

A perfectionist may have unrealistic standards with sets of goals in the workplace which are unattainable. They may also expect colleagues and peers in the business to have these standards, leading them to not only feel let down by themselves, but also by others.

As well as impacting performance and sometimes career progression within the workplace, it can also cause significant distress, anxiety and depression to those suffering from perfectionism.

Online CBT for perfectionism

There are many reasons why perfectionism may occur. From early childhood relationships with parents resulting in feelings of inadequacy, and past over-achievements creating overwhelming pressures to succeed, to other mental health disorders impacting feelings and behaviours.

Here at CBT Avon, we are have a wealth of experience delivering online CBT to clients who are suffering from perfectionism in the workplace. Through recognising the learned habits and behaviours which are causing negative emotions, CBT can help break the vicious cycle.

  • Yes, here at CBT Avon, we are specialists in the field of therapy for workplace difficulties and struggles which perfectionism is often associated with. In recent times, our non-judgemental and friendly therapy has helped many individuals manage the symptoms of perfectionism and enabled them to live more fulfilling lives.

  • Yes, CBT Avon offers CBT therapy across the UK over zoom and on the telephone. To get started, all you will need is an active internet connection or telephone and a private space where you can talk openly – all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Our CBT sessions are usually 50 minutes.

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