Social Anxiety

Online CBT for Social Anxiety In Bristol

What is Social Anxiety?

Before entering social situations, it is not uncommon to get slightly anxious with feelings of unease at the thought of meeting someone for the first time or entering a room of people. Many of us have experienced these emotions before meeting someone for a date, meeting your new boss or when you are going to deliver a speech or presentation. As well as feeling worried, there might be associated physical symptoms such as feeling sweaty, a fast heart rate or nausea. Commonly, these symptoms will be short-lived and associated with those particular events.

For those suffering from social anxiety however, that will not be the case with these feelings will be more severe and will be generated from social interactions which would not be deemed as worrisome for most. This condition can disrupt the lives of those suffering as situations which would cause these intense feelings of anxiety may be avoided, which may result in the breakdown of all aspects of their lives including relationships and work life.

There is no one-size-fits all with what might bring on the symptoms associated with social anxiety and how someone feels may differ too. For some, it might be triggered by the thought of meeting someone new in the work setting, or entering social gathering within their personal life, and for others it might be narrowed down to just eating in the presence of others.

Like Generalised Anxiety Disorder, the causes of Social Anxiety can vary from person-to-person, and there may be no known cause for developing the disorder.

Online CBT for Social Anxiety

Here at CBT Avon, we offer online CBT counselling for those suffering from social anxiety. With many studies conducted over the years, there is lots of proof that CBT helps with the symptoms associated with Social Anxiety.

The goal of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is to identify the negative feelings and beliefs associated with social anxiety eg. “I know I’ll trip on my words when I try and speak” or “I will humiliate myself with the new group” and to replace them with the new corrected ones. By filtering out your irrational thoughts, CBT will help change your feelings and beliefs.

Priding ourselves on being friendly and non-judgement, CBT Avon would love to help those suffering from social anxiety.

FAQs about Social Anxiety Therapy

+ How do I get in touch with CBT Avon about my Social Anxiety?

Available via the telephone by calling 0117 456 2438 or via email, here at CBT Avon, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

+ Do you offer online therapy for Social Anxiety?

Yes, here at CBT Avon, we offer online therapy via zoom and over the telephone for social anxiety. All you need is a working device which connects to the internet or a telephone line, and a safe space where we will be able to talk with you in private.

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