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It is common knowledge that mental health affects 1 in 3 of us in our lifetimes. It is also widely known that suffering stress for prolonged periods of time sharply increases your chances of experiencing a mental health condition. Combine this with the knowledge that sick days taken for mental health issues are at an all time high (nine times the cost to the economic output source: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/blog/mental-health-business-asset) and the problem becomes clear: We are actually in the midst of a second pandemic.

So, having acknowledged the cost of poor mental health to you and your business, lets think about your team.


Now, ask yourself: have you been facilitating this? What have you done to cultivate good mental health in your team? Is there anything you could be doing more of, or less of? How do you think they’re all coping?

It has been reported that, whilst at work, nearly half of people who experience mental health conditions have experienced suicidal thoughts whilst being at work. Imagine the pressure they are under to wake up, feeling as they do, dragging themselves to work, before then returning home to their families. All the while bearing the weight of stress, depression and burnout. Only to repeat the daily grind again and again and again.

Furthermore, what’s to say their problems stop when they leave the office? These thoughts and feelings unfortunately bleed into other areas of their life. Their homes, their families, their friends: everything is affected. In my industry we call this a ‘vicious cycle’ and believe me – these can last for years without intervention. By which time the person may have suffered greatly, lost opportunities and simply feel stuck in a very large rut.


I get it. I know it’s hard. We’ve all got pressure. Pressure to perform and to do well. Pressure to impress. You’ve done so well, getting this far. You have worked so hard. Tirelessly to secure that future for you and your family. You deserve a reward. But the more pressure you put on your workforce, despite the honest intentions for the business, unfortunately the more you secure the fate of your staff. It’s time to act now before things get too bad. Invest in them; they are your greatest asset.

Imagine a rested workforce. One that comes in to work bright and positive, like they were at the start. Before all these deadlines and unrealistic expectations. Imagine a workforce that is happy to be there; happy to contribute; willing and able. One’s who share your desires and wishes for the business and feel supported and content.

Imagine yourself. Able to leave the office on time. Able to give more to your partner, or your children. Or your dog! Able to rest easy, secure that everything is in hand. Knowing that you’re as supported by your team as they are by you. A well-oiled machine that you can sit back and feel proud of.


What can we do about it?

Well there is good news to this story. Fortunately we now know that Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Burn out (etc.) are all very treatable. The answer isn’t just to take some time off work, but rather a much broader look at a person’s life is required. This helps the therapist to understand that psychological drivers that make them them. And that make them burnout. the purpose of this is to show the person why they feel the way they do about themselves at work. Why they follow these familiar patterns of behaviour.

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