Our Process



our process

I know that taking the first step can be hard, so I’ve laid out our process in 5 easy to remember steps so that you know exactly what to expect from your journey to better mental health.



step 1: reach out

Send an email, or give us a call. We can talk about exactly what it is you’ve been struggling with, or how you think we could help your team. We can organise a consultation from here and start thinking of solutions.



step 2: free consultation

Your consultation will last around 10 minutes as is used just to make sure we feel like a good fit for each other.


Feature 3

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Change & Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Of Perfectionism Starts with a Single Step

Here at Holland Pearse Psychotherapy, we are specialists in providing online cbt for health anxiety to suit a range of different mental health disorders including Depression, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome and Low Self-Esteem (to name a few). Friendly and non-judgemental, we help men just like you overcome their challenges and difficulties every single day with our CBT for self confidence.

Stress-free guide

Drop your email for me to send the eBook guide to managing stress.