Workplace Burnout: The Cost of Therapy (or lack thereof)

What is the cost of therapy?

In short: eyewatering. I’ve just finished a course myself. For me it’s interesting on multiple levels as I get to experience both the therapy itself, and also the subtle gut wrenching sensation every time I transferred my weekly fee over. Interesting, painful and useful for me all at the same time.

What was the cost? Well, in short: much cheaper than my dentist (I’ve spent thousands over the years). Cheaper than getting my car through its last MOT. Cheaper than the bathroom my fiancé and I are saving for (considerably!).


What do I get for my money?

What have I got for my money? Well, granted – not a lovely new bathroom suite with spotlights and a mirror with a backlight that can demist itself in a matter of seconds. But my head feels clearer. And when I wonder what was wrong with me during that period, I now have a nicely succinct sound-bite explanation. Something I can learn from. Next time I start to feel that way I will be able to say “Are you sure you’re just not doing that thing again that you now know is harmful to you?”. I’m able to recognise these triggers and understand why they made me feel that way. I’m able to confidently say that “it doesn’t make me a [insert name under the sun here] for walking away”. It makes me know that my struggle was justified, and I was okay to have felt like that. That’s quite a big deal for me.

I have left the above paragraph intentionally ambiguous. Firstly, because a professional blog is probably not the place to air one’s laundry; but also, because I think that’s just a good representation of what to expect in therapy. I’d certainly hope to give that to all my clients. To leave them feeling in a position of awareness over one’s triggers, and the tools to know how to move beyond them. All for the price of a standalone bath with detachable chrome feet? Maybe not so bad after all.

Final thoughts…

Data varies, but around a third of all sick days are directly linked to your staffs mental health. The cost of therapy is a drop in the ocean compared the the net loss which results from staff being off sick. If you’re considering it for yourself – you’ll just have to take it from me, the benefits are endless.

So, when considering the cost of therapy, I’d equally urge you to consider what the cost of not having therapy might be for you, or your business, right now. Therapy is an investment. Yes, it does cost money – but so does everything that\’s worth its salt. It\’s just the way of the way of the world; the same reason people pay you for your services. The cost of therapy is therefore clear; what remains unclear is the cost of you not having support.

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